Together is Better Alliance (TiBA) - first virtual tour

In October 2019, TiBA Board of Directors and Volunteer Leaders took an exploratory trip to Montgomery and Birmingham, AL. The purpose was to determine if educational tours would be feasible in our desire to work with schools and communities in learning about and addressing systemic and institutional racism in America. This was a meaningful and, at times, heart-wrenching journey. It instilled in us a desire to learn more and engage others. Although we have decided not to go to the physical sites in 2021, we invited you, as educators and community leaders, to go with us on a virtual tour starting in Chicago, IL, then to Montgomery, AL, and then to Tulsa, OK.

Our hope was that participating educators would form a core group of respected leaders in their schools around this foundational topic. To that end, participants were provided:

  • Expertly-curated museum presentations that go beyond standard textbooks to provide real life insights about the effects of systemic racism in our country.
  • Opportunities to network with like-minded educators who share your dedication to learning the full story of historical events will help you begin building a community that you can rely on after the tour ends.
  • A YouTube Resource Guide with an accompanying PDF of resources curated with an eye towards social-emotional learning concepts and critical race theory, provides materials that allow you to go deeper into the topics covered.
  • Support for applying for professional development or continuing education will be supplied upon request.

Due to TiBA’s focus on education, this tour was curated with educators (K-12 and college) in mind.

If you have further questions about the experience last summer, please contact us at

Sharon Hatchett, TiBA Board President, and her mother, Helen Hatchett, share their experiences after visiting Montgomery, AL in Oct. 2019

Karen Ziech served as an organizer and workshop facilitator for the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago and Crossroads Antiracism Organizing and Training. In retirement, she volunteers for Crossroads and Together is Better Alliance.

Tour Flyer


Our tour offered wonderful opportunities to engage with museum site leaders, virtual tours of each site, engaging and reflective discussions, curriculum, a resource guide,  souvenirs, breakout sessions, and Q&A time. Due to TiBA’s focus on education, this tour was curated with educators (K-12 and college) in mind.


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