The work that we do touches, and hopefully impacts, a wide range of individuals and organizations. Our outreach through film, video clips, written and other forms of communication, and events includes educational institutions, students, families, faith-based organizations, companies, health care institutions, and other groups. Through our conversation series model, there is a strong interest in not only building understanding, trust, and open/honest discussion, but also in action.

Upcoming Events

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Sharon Hatchett, Sameena Mustafa, and Brian Smith facilitate a conversation after a screening of The Long Shadow at Chicago Theological Seminary in Chicago, IL.

We work to promote reconciliation and recovery, which includes:

Facilitating screenings of documentaries

The Long Shadow and other films or relevant information related to the history of
slavery and racial inequity

Conducting continuing conversation series

In collaboration with educational, civic, faith-based, corporate and other institutions
committed to addressing the challenges of race

Continued development of strategic relationships

With a broad range of individuals and organizations committed to addressing
the issue of race relations

2023 TiBA Presents: Let's Learn & Act Together

Fifth Anniversary Symposium


2022 TiBA Presents: Let's Learn & Act Together

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2022 TiBA Virtual Book Discussion Series - The 1619 Project

1619 Project Book Discussion

2021 Speaker Series

TIBA 2021 webinars

2019 Virtual Tour

Together is Better Alliance (TiBA) - first virtual tour

In October 2019, TiBA Board of Directors and Volunteer Leaders took an exploratory trip to Montgomery and Birmingham, AL. The purpose was to determine if educational tours would be feasible in our desire to work with schools and communities in learning about and addressing systemic and institutional racism in America. This was a meaningful and, at times, heart-wrenching journey. It instilled in us a desire to learn more and engage others. Although we have decided not to go to the physical sites in 2021, we invited you, as educators and community leaders, to go with us in the summer of 2021 on a virtual tour starting in Chicago, IL, then to Montgomery, AL, and then to Tulsa, OK.

Please visit our first Virtual Tour page

Premiere of The Long Shadow documentary at Cinema Village in New York City in October 2018.
Premiere of The Long Shadow documentary at Cinema Village in New York City in October 2018.

Attendance at screenings of The Long Shadow, post-screening discussions, and Continuing the Conversation Series hosted by Together is Better Alliance and our partner organizations as of since 2018.

Screenings of The Long Shadow by Together is Better Alliance:

Location Date
1. Benedictine University (DuPage Regional Office of Education) 5/11/18
2. Benedictine University, Lisle 5/11/18
3. Chicago Theological Seminary, Hyde Park 5/11/18
4. Chicago Theological Seminary, Hyde Park 7/23/18
5. Pizza & Social Justice, Glen Ellyn 7/24/18
6. Arlington Heights Library, Arlington Heights 7/26/18
7. DuSable African-American History Museum, Chicago 8/28/18
8. Aurora Human Relations Commission, Aurora 8/30/18
9. DuPage AME Church, Lisle 9/14/18
10. Baha’i Welcome Center, Wilmette 9/27/18
11. Illinois Education Assoc. Board of Education, Springfield 10/17/18
12. La Grange Community Diversity, La Grange 1/11/19
13. University of Chicago Law School, Hyde Park 1/16/19
14. Episcopal Diocese of Chicago – St. Martin’s, Chicago 1/19/19
15. EDC – St. James, Chicago 1/20/19
16. EDC – St. Philips, Palatine 1/20/19
17. EDC – St. Thomas, Chicago 1/20/19
18. EDC – St. Matthew’s, Evanston 2/13/19
19. EDC – The Church of the Atonement, Chicago 2/16/19
20. University of Chicago LABS School, Chicago 2/22/19
21. EDC – Redeemer Lutheran Church, Chicago 2/23/19
22. EDC – St. Benedict, Bolingbrook 2/23/19
22. EDC – St. Mark’s, Glen Ellyn 3/20/19
23. EDC – St. Mark’s, Glen Ellyn 3/24/19

Volunteer Opportunities

In our non-profit organization, there is much work to be done. We invite those who share our vision in dismantling racism to email us at Our primary current volunteer needs are:

  • Technology (website support, social media, etc.)
  • Event Volunteer Assistance
  • Grant-writing & Fundraising Support
  • Strategy/vision expertise and experience
  • Volunteer Engagement

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