1st Qtr 2021 Perspectives Articles

Prejudice as Part of Our Nature

There is a part of our socialization that is naturally skeptical of new people and experiences, and to sometimes be afraid of them. We must acknowledge these concerns so that they do not become entrenched in our minds as a system of fearing others or becoming prejudiced against others. In the absence of understanding and controlling our fears or prejudices we can be led astray by those whose prejudices have damaging, and sometimes fatal consequences. So, it is self-protective to understand our prejudices and transform them into unbiased beliefs and social actions toward understanding, acceptance, and justice.

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Mass looting and related destruction is a terrible and destructive behavior. Looting almost always stirs up heated feelings of anger, disgust, resentment, frustration and sadness. What images does “looting” bring to your mind? Sometimes looting lasts for more than a few days. And sometimes it goes on for generations. We should ask: what forms of “looting” exist? Who has really been looting whom?

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I Know You’re Not Racist! Now Prove It.

It's easy to feel defensive about the term, "racist." Most people don't want to be identified in this way. Generally our society frowns upon the notion of hurting someone or holding them back just because of the color of their skin. And that’s a good thing!

It's easy to say, "I'm not racist" and to believe that being a "good person" in our society is defined by working, tending to self and family, believing in a higher power like God, and not actively engaging in acts of bigotry and hatred against people with darker skin. It’s not enough.

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